INTERVIEW TO Fabrizio Pregliasco

  • 20/10/2017
INTERVIEW TO Fabrizio Pregliasco


What is electricity to you?

Calling it indispensable doesn’t even cut it, it powers so many things used for leisure and work. We often don’t realise how important it is because we take it for granted

Do you have a personal memory linked to electricity?

When I was younger, I studied nuclear chemistry and remember well that energy production method that I thought was clean and that was later condemned by over-the-top environmentalism

Are you an energy saver?

Not really, unfortunately. I should do more, I know

What do you actually do to save electricity?

A few of the usual things, for example I am obsessed with turning off lights. I am that ‘pain-in-the-neck’ person at home and in the laboratory

What would you light up better in your city or elsewhere in Italy?

Our wonderful monuments and roads in the suburbs, even if doing the last of those two things wouldn’t be easy

How would you make high-voltage pylons more attractive?

Maybe their construction has been too rational so far, decisions weren’t made about their appearance

Any suggestions for Terna?

To raise awareness again, maybe through adverts, about the vital significance of electricity