INTERVIEW TO Giangiacomo Schiavi

  • 12/10/2017
INTERVIEW TO Giangiacomo Schiavi

Journalist at Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera

What is electricity to you?

A miracle, something that amazes us every time it’s used

Do you have a personal memory linked to electricity?

Well, I remember blackouts as a child, the darkness made me feel nervous

Are you an energy saver?

I try to be

What do you actually do to save electricity?

Not a lot actually, but I do try to turn off lights and other electronic devices if I’m not using them

What would you light up better in your city or elsewhere in Italy?

You used the right word there, we need to light things better and not simply more. If we start with that in mind, I would light everything up a little ‘better’: museums, monuments, dangerous roads and suburbs

How would you make high-voltage pylons more attractive?

Maybe there could be a competition and an award for the best designs

Any suggestions for Terna?

Launch a great energy-saving awareness campaign, it certainly wouldn’t do any harm