This is the objective of the partnership that Terna and Arci Milan
  • 02/12/2013
Terna and Arci Milan together in the first measurable for profit / non-profit partnership project.

With the support of the Fondazione Sodalitas and the scientific supervision of the SDA Bocconi.

Creating a for-profit/non-profit partnership model in which the partners are involved on an equal footing in a context of transparent co-design and assessment of the resulting social benefits. This is the objective of the partnership that Terna and Arci Milan have presented today for the implementation of the “Here Come Grandma and Grandpa” Project. This initiative has been designed to promote volunteer work among people over 54 years of age in favor of young children in Milan and the surrounding area. The activities will be carried out in 2014 with the support of Fondazione Sodalitas and the scientific supervision of the SDA Bocconi School of Management as a pilot experience to measure and assess the social benefits generated by the project and to test a replicable assessment methodology. “We are filled with pride for having contributed to the creation and launch of this important initiative,” said Ugo Castellano of Fondazione Sodalitas. “For Sodalitas Social Innovation, the program that has brought Terna and Arci Milan together, today marks the achievement of our most ambitious goal: to promote the establishment of partnerships in which businesses and our organization can work on an equal footing with a view to co-design, involving all the project’s beneficiaries - ranging from their own members to local institutions - and providing all the instruments needed to measure performance as accurately as possible”. Not just philanthropy: From Support to Co-design The “Here Come Grandma and Grandpa” Project - put forward by Arci Milan for inclusion in the 3rd edition of Sodalitas Social Innovation, the program of the Fondazione Sodalitas to improve the planning skills of the Third Sector - received the Terna Special Award, created for the first time in 2013, within the framework of the initiative. The company, a long-time supporter of Fondazione Sodalitas’ initiative, has decided to consolidate its commitment in keeping with the guidelines of its “Social Action Plan”, whose priorities include schools and education. “The idea behind our participation is that if a company supports a social cause, it needs to do so by applying the best management methodologies: the project has to be sound, the non-profit partner must be reliable, and the expected results must be clearly defined, positive, measured and constantly monitored. The project we are working on with Arci meets all these requirements,” stated Fulvio Rossi, Terna CSR Manager. “Joint monitoring, thanks also to the support of academia, is an especially valuable element”. The partnership developed by Terna with Arci Milan is based on a methodology - original but replicable - to measure benefits, which was designed under the scientific supervision of the SDA Bocconi School of Management. The “Here Come Grandma and Grandpa” Project Each month in Milan, 94,722 people over 54 years of age - approximately 25% of the total in this population group - do an average of 32 hours of volunteer work, including informal aid, in the local area, sharing their experience and skills with the community. The “Here Come Grandma and Grandpa” Project, that Arci Milan has been conducting since 2009, is an interrelational network of yesterday’s talents (grandparents) and tomorrow’s talents (infant school children). In 2013 alone, the project saw the participation of over 40 infant schools in Milan, over 2,000 children and their families, and 20 talent workshops with the direct involvement of the volunteer grandparents. It is a heritage that will be enhanced in 2014 and which is based on exchange and cross-fertilization, favoring intergenerational dialog and social cohesion. “For years now, our association has been promoting participation and active citizenship as development tools for social initiatives aimed at the cohesion and wellbeing of local communities,” stated Emanuele Patti, President of Arci Milan. “The ‘Here Come Grandma and Grandpa’ Project has always been inspired by the principles of our articles of association that guide our projects: i.e., participation, reciprocity and social cohesion. From today, the partnership with Terna, thanks to the support of the Sodalitas and the supervision of SDA Bocconi, will represent the true added value, an important opportunity to scientifically assess the social impact and measure its quality and possible replicability”.