Terna attends the analysis day called by the gas giant Snam to mark its 75th anniversary
  • 09/11/2017
“Re-source”: Leading energy companies look to the future at the Snam Partners’ day

CEO Luigi Ferraris: “To manage the complexity of change, our networks need to be smarter and more sustainable than ever”

New challenges and opportunities for energy transition are the focus of the analysis day held in Milan by Snam to mark its 75th anniversary. Alongside the hosts, Carlo Malacarne (chairman) and Marco Alverà (CEO), leading Italian and international players in the energy sector such as Eni, Saipem, A24, Shell and Terna, the latter represented by CEO Luigi Ferraris are taking part in the event.


“We have learnt many things in our 75 years. The most important thing is this: always look to the future”. This is the topic of reflection that the gas operator proposed to its partners at a forum of suppliers, clients, institutions, employees, the press, investors and academics. The morning’s events, aptly held in the auditorium of the Museum of Science and Technology, focused primarily on future energy scenarios. The first scenario was proposed by the Chairman of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Claudio Costamagna, who stated that “a modern and flexible infrastructure system that is increasingly interconnected” with the European Union is a “fundamental asset of Italy’s competitiveness”.  

In this context, Ferraris emphasised that even greater investments in digitalisation, innovation and sustainability will be essential. Terna is ready to play its part, pledging “more than € 8 billion over ten years and a development plan that centres on sustainability”. “We have to consider environmental impact and increase our work with local communities in a collaborative effort with other institutions”, remarked Terna’s chief. According to Ferraris, like all strategic infrastructures, the electricity network “must be equipped to cope with greater quantities of data than ever and an increasingly complex scenario”. Another fundamental aspect is safety, which places Terna “in the same position as Snam, committed to working in close collaboration with the authorities”.


Many of the speakers at the event agreed with Ferraris’ opinion that gas will undoubtedly be a “crucial solution” for the energy transition, “at least for a few years”. However, to effectively manage these universal challenges, “better coordination and synchronisation” between the leading energy operators will be required on numerous fronts, most importantly with institutions.


To mark the very first Partners’ Day, Snam launched its exhibition “Re-Source. Natural gas in the future of energy”, which will be open to the public at the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology in Milan from 10 November 2017 until 06 January 2018.