The removal of 110 kilometres of old power lines has begun, including the dismantling of around 400 pylons. 367 hectares of land previously dedicated to the power line have been freed
  • 21/11/2017
Udine Ovest – Redipuglia power line: demolition of the old grid underway

Ferraris: “Greater security and stability of the electricity supply for households and companies”

With the commissioning of the new “Udine Ovest – Redipuglia” power line on 01 October 2017, Terna began work on the demolition of 110 kilometres of old power lines. Overall, around 400 pylons will be dismantled, located in 30 municipalities in the Bassa Friulana area. Terna CEO Luigi Ferraris met with the President of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region Debora Serracchiani for the launch of the works, in the town of Campolongo Tapogliano.

“This entire undertaking represents an investment of € 110 million by Terna and will bring greater security and stability to the electricity supply for households and businesses in the region with minimal impact on the landscape and the environment, thanks to high-tech solutions” explained Ferraris, highlighting how “the decommissioning work we have launched will free up large protected areas of environmental significance, benefiting the Friulian communities, also in terms of employment.”

This is the final phase of a plan launched in back 2006 which has been improved by the new compensation package defined during this parliament,” said Debora Serracchiani. “The start of the demolition of the old pylons and the land we will recover as a result will bring significant benefits both the environment and the countryside in our region”, she added.

The Campolongo pylon is the first of around 400 to be demolished in 30 municipalities in the Bassa Friulana area, removing lines that date back to the 50s. Work started on the 20 km of the 220 kV Udine Nord Est – Redipuglia line between the Redipuglia substation and the Safau branch in the Pavia di Udine Municipality. Following this, the 132 kV Istrago – Meduna line will be dismantled: a total of 70 km of lines are to be removed within the first six months of 2018. The remaining 40 km of lines to be dismantled will be finished once the relevant approval has been received.

The rationalisation of the old lines has been made possible thanks to the new Udine Ovest – Redipuglia power line, which was activated on 01 October 2017. This work is vital to resolve the security issues facing the Friulian electricity network, whose only two 380 kV lines were from the 70s and 80s, whilst the electricity consumption of households and companies in the region has more than doubled in the meantime.

367 hectares of land used for power lines will be freed up (equivalent to 524 football pitches), 30 of which are in protected areas of environmental importance. The dismantling of around 400 pylons will bring benefits to 680 properties built near the existing lines over the years and will mean 1,800 tonnes of steel can be recycled.