For a month from 08 December 2017, the city’s monuments and squares will be lit up
  • 06/12/2017
F-Light, Florence: Terna helps switch on the light festival with the SDGs

The initiative is promoted by Terna in collaboration with Global Compact Network Italia

Video-mapping, projections, light shows and installations in over 15 locations will light up the Tuscan capital as part of “F-Light”, the Firenze Light Festival, which for this month will display its monuments and squares in a new light. As per tradition, the Festival will commence with the lighting up of the big Christmas tree in Piazza Duomo on Friday 08 December: from that symbolic moment which kicks off the Christmas celebrations, all the main F-Light locations will be lit up.


This year, the main theme of the event is the word “frontier”, to be understood as horizon and limit, both in the physical and conceptual sense. The festival will include scientific, cultural, social and geopolitical events, simultaneously elucidating new ideas and reminding us of everything past that is yet to be discovered and developed. “F-Light is a highly-anticipated event,” said Florence’s mayor, Dario Nardella, “which makes Florence all the more captivating. As in the past, there will be an entrance ticket to see Florence at Christmas, for all Florentines and visitors. It is well-known that light is an extraordinary part of our cultural heritage and helps enhance the beauty of Florence even further. The theme of this edition, ‘frontier’, sends a message of peace, dialogue, culture and beauty; of living in a world with fewer walls and more bridges.”


The aim of the event is to encourage reflection on the UN’s 17 goals for 2030, which every nation on earth (including Italy) is committed to following, and which can be divided into three main macro-areas: ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustice, and combating climate change. Terna, like other Italian companies, has taken steps to help reach these goals, which include this initiative. The Arnolfo Tower will be lit up with the UN’s 17 global sustainable development goals, which every country in the world has committed to. In this case, the frontier is a “horizon of responsibility”: 2030, the year by which the objectives must be achieved. An end to poverty and hunger, halting climate change, reducing human impact on nature and guaranteeing peace and prosperity: with its gift of light, Florence hopes to inspire everybody to work hard for a brighter future. The initiative is promoted by Terna in collaboration with Global Compact Network Italia.


“It is remarkably important for Terna to be in Florence,” commented Luca Torchia, Head of External Communication and Sustainability, “and it is a great opportunity to be in the area, to be close to citizens and bring about sustainability, which is one of the priorities of our strategic plan.”


“Terna, in the course of carrying out its business and developing its infrastructure, uses a sustainable approach with great attention to the environment,” stated Fulvio Rossi, Sustainability Manager for Terna, “with this in mind, we immediately started working to help reach the goals set by the UN for a more sustainable world by developing and putting specific programmes into action. Today’s initiative of projecting them on one of Florence’s most important and world-famous monuments, is designed to draw attention to the 17 fundamental principles and to encourage others to play their part in reaching them.”


Bearing this in mind, anyone can participate in the initiative with a call to action on social media and via the website www.flightfirenze.it, where, in addition to learning more about Terna’s project The Global Goals, you can express your opinion and pick your favourite from the 17 objectives.