Terna, ANBI and Coldiretti sign a memorandum of understanding on renewable energy development and land protection
  • 20/12/2017
A common strategy for sustainable and efficient use of water and energy resources

Projects to bring value and common interest benefits to the whole of Italy

“The union of the water and energy sectors will give life to new synergy, and benefit both electricity users and territories, with new projects which will create value for the whole country.” Luigi Ferraris’ statement sums up the essence of the Memorandum of Understanding signed today at the headquarters of the Coldiretti National Confederation, by Roberto Moncalvo, President of Coldiretti, Francesco Vincenzi, President of ANBI (Associazione Nazionale Consorzi Gestione e Tutela del Territorio e Acque Irrigue) and Ferraris himself, for better management of water and energy resources with respect for the environment.


“For Terna, which places sustainability at the centre of its investment strategy,” - commented the CEO of Terna - “collaboration with ANBI and Coldiretti represents a fantastic opportunity to further contribute to the ongoing energy transition.”  


This agreement represents a great step forward for Terna’s strategy, with new collaborations to protect the land, and future initiatives of common interest to benefit all citizens. The main aims defined by the Memorandum focus, on the one hand, on optimising the benefits deriving from multi-purpose management of water use. On the other hand, they are focused on optimising the usage of water networks and reservoirs for drinking water, irrigation and energy, and making them more efficient.


Terna and ANBI will develop a series of activities and initiatives for safeguarding sustainability, all with respect for the environment, creating an ad hoc work group to identify possible ways that allow for hydroelectric use of existing installations that need to be adapted or modernised to guarantee better efficiency. “This agreement” - explained Francesco Vincenzi, President of ANBI - “confirms the role that the Consortia and agriculture in general can play in the modern age... The future can only be born of common objectives between diverse parties, who all share the determination to attribute value to the land and its green resources.” The President of Coldiretti, Roberto Moncalvo, also intends to work with respect for the land, through the rationalised and efficient use of water and energy: preserving rural heritage by safeguarding biodiversity.