Training the brightest talents to connect business and academia
  • 17/01/2018
Luiss and Terna supporting the young talents: a collaboration to train the managers of the future

Stronger skills for the energy sector looking forward an international reach

“This collaboration with LUISS is the product of an awareness that investing in training and recruitment of young people in the world of employment represents a fundamental step in the path to generating value for the whole country.” These are the words of Terna CEO Luigi Ferraris at the Villa Blanc site, the new and magnificently restored “home” of the LUISS Business School in Rome. Speaking in front of a room full of students, teachers, managers and journalists, Ferraris also highlighted the importance of “creating future professional excellence in the energy sector”.  

Promoting cooperation between businesses and academia. This is the goal of the partnership, which aims to set up a channel between Terna and LUISS to train young talent in the energy sector. This intention is shared by Paola Severino, the University Chancellor: “Educating global talent through international programmes which support the growth and development of a future generation of professionals who are capable of successfully interpreting and tackling global economic challenges with a long-term perspective, is one of the objectives which our institution has always pursued.” During the debate, Silvia Marinari - Head of HR at Terna - highlighted the importance of high-value human resources for the project, especially regarding sustainability: “We rely on the skills of people to identify and pool knowledge.” Therefore, this collaboration is aimed at investing in the managers of the future, guiding them on their journey towards the professional world through constant interaction with the territory, deemed “essential for the creation of effective projects” by Luca Torchia, Head of External Communication and sustainability at Terna.

The programme.The initiative is divided into two branches: future project leaders, dedicated to young people who already work for the company; and the international training programme, which focuses on university students 
The future project leaders programme will enable students to attain recognised certificates and attend courses following a fine-tuned training path designed by Terna and LUISS. With the international training programme, Terna will select the top engineering and economics students from non-EU states (particularly Latin America), developing their skills in the energy sector through training and support. Finally, investment in secondary-school students is also envisaged via initiatives where students alternate between school and work.